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Lenox,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichun

We began in 1915 with a 10-employee team and a passion for bringing customers faster-cutting, longer-lasting hacksaw blades. Now, more than 100 years later, our passion hasn't changed.Our passion for performance drives continued investment in our plant, enabling extensive research and development powered by the most advanced manufacturing technology. Our customers experience the results in products that outperform conventional tools and deliver more value.

Lenox,QXP,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungQXP

QXP™ is the one of the Bi-metal band saw blades. It is suitable for the solids of mild to moderate machinability. Because of its extreme positive rake tooth form, the deep gullet design and the proprietary backing steel preparation, it provided increased fatigue life and increased cutting rates.

Lenox,LXP,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungLXP

LXP is the one of the Bi-metal band saw blades. The feature is faster cutting of solid materials. The extreme positive rake tooth form for easier penetration. Moreover, Deep gullets for improved chip carrying capacity with less feed force.

Lenox,Classic,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungClassic

Classic is the classical Bi-metal band saw blades to be applied in several areas . Its has a patented TUFF TOOTH design reduces tooth strippage. Classic is also a M42 high speed steel edging for excellent heat and wear resistance.

Lenox,GT,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungGT

GT is one of the bi-metal band saw blades. The feature is high performance sawing. The unique gullet design for increased beam strength. When the precision group teeth work in the hardening alloys, the optimum chip format well.

LLenox,RX+,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungRX+

RX+ is the one of the bi-metal band saws blades. It is designed to cut structural, tubing and bundles. The patented tooth profile resists tooth strip page even higher feed rates. It is also quiet cutting and reduced vibration.

Lenox,Q88,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungQ88

Q88 is premium multi-purpose bi-metal blade. The range of cutting from the low carbon steels to stainless steels has a great performance. The Proprietary ‘Q’ process increases fatigue life and eliminates band breaks. Advanced tooth geometry minimizes noise and vibration from the very first cut.

Lenox,mental-max,band saw blade, welding machine,lianheng,taiwan,taichungmental-max

The Lenox MetalMax Blades are a new innovation in cutting disc. The mental max cuts multiple materials like steel, sheet metal, stainless steel, rebar, cast iron, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Also, because the Lenox MetalMax abrasive wheels are made with diamonds, the wheel doesn’t get smaller. The user gets the same cut throughout the life of the wheel, the depth doesn’t change. This enables the user to have better control, so the cuts are more precise.