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IDEAL was founded 1923 in Lippstadt, Germany. LIAN HENG is the agent in Taiwan. IDEAL’s product portfolio ranges from welding machines for the joining of wires, stranded wire and band saws, to wire processing, the manufacture of sheet metal products, and the joining of strips. Our range extends from smaller series of production machines up to modular standard configurations, and to custom-designed and customer-orientated special solutions.

Wire Product/welding machine,Ideal Wire Product

Wire Product welding machine
optimal welding solution for mesh production of wire products and goods.

Application | Shopping baskets and trolleys, Refrigerator grates, Fan screen, Cable trays, Fences and grids and customized products.

Wire Joining/welding machine,IdealWire Joining

Wire Joining welding machine
Butt welding machines have been specifically designed for the effective joining of steel, aluminum and copper wires. Their strengths lie in the realization of precise, repeatedly accurate and draw-resistant butt welds.

Application | Butt welding and multi-pulse welding, aluminum and copper wires, T-welding Wire Joining/welding machine,Ideal

conductors and cables,welding machine,IdealConductors and cables

Conductors and cables
IDEAL LS series conductor welding machines are specially designed for the effective joining of conductors and cables as well as sector-shaped and solid conductors of aluminum and copper using the chamber welding process. This creates a homogeneous, pore- and burr-free joint.

Application | stranded conductors、Separated, molten cable end
conductors and cables,welding machine,Ideal

coil joining welding machine,IdealCoil joining welding machine

Coil joining welding machine
To rely on the benefits of laser welding technology – high welding speeds and excellent welding quality.

Application | coils, steel coils, cooper joining, VA coil TIG plasma.
coil joining,welding machine,Ideal

butt and flash butt welding machine Butt and flash butt welding machine

Butt and flash butt welding machine
This machine strengths lie in precise, heavy-duty butt welding that can be reproduced in high quality. Emphasis was on the operator when designing the machine, with simple, ergonomic operation in mind.

Application | joining of band saw blades, band knives and steel strip.
butt and flash butt,welding machine