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Since 1836, EBERLE have been producing high-quality tools and strip steel products for industrial and technical purposes. Our products are renowned for their excellent precision, quality and maximum performance. With our extensive range of products, EBERLE is a respected partner and market leader in terms of quality for sawing metal and producing top strip steel products.


duoflex M42
duoflex M42 is a high performance, multi-functional bimetal band saw blade that is characterized by its high wear resistance and long blade life. The blade is suited to cutting almost all steel grades in workshops and serial production.

HRC ≤ 44
APPLICATION | 成捆圓棒材/成捆並列方管材/成綑管材/並列鋸切/厚壁管材/整把角鐵/圓棒材/方柱/扁鐵/工字鋼


duoflex MX55
duoflex MX55 is engineered for use in heavy cutting applications. The cutting performance of the high speed steel teeth is substantially increased through alloying elements such as Cobalt and Tunsten.

HRC ≤ 49


CT-flex 4000
The carbide-tipped blades with CT4 geometry cut a variety of materials with low machinability including Titanium alloys, Inconel, and nickel-based alloys. Additionally, the range extends to cutting Aluminum and other non-ferrous metal applications where short cycle times are required. The teeth are engineered to divide the cutting area over several cutting teeth, so the blade runs extremelysmoothly.

HRC ≤ 65
APPLICATION | 圓棒材/方柱/扁鐵

Eberle,CT ProCT Pro

CT-flex Pro
CT-flex Pro is especially engineered for sawing hard-to- cut and abrasive materials. The particular characteristic of the carbide saw blade CT-flex Pro is the unique tooth geometry. This is achieved by the tooth setting which enables a maximum free cutting. The minor vibration development enhances the cutting precision and at the same time it prevents tooth breakage.

HRC ≤ 65
APPLICATION | 圓棒材/方形柱/扁鐵/管材


duoflex GTX
The bimetal bale duflex GT is designed to cut large to very large work pieces. Due to its specially ground toothing, this blade is characterized by long blade life and extremely clean cutting surface.

HRC ≤ 44
APPLICATION | 圓棒材/方柱/扁鐵/工字鋼


duoflex PT
duoflex PT stands for highest cutting performance and blade life in interrupted cuts. Its special tooth geometry significantly reduces vibration and tooth breakage in application, such as pipes and tubes.

HRC ≤ 44
APPLICATION | 成捆圓棒材/成捆並列方管材/成捆管材/並列鋸切/厚壁管材/整把角鐵/槽鐵


duoflex VTX
This high performance bimetal blade with variable, strongly positive tooth geometry is engineered particularly for cutting large applications. The new powder-metallurgical cutting edge featuring a very homogenous micro- structure performs much better regarding blade life compared to bimetal blades having a conventional micro-structure. Further significant benefits are reduced cutting forces thanks to an intelligent chip distribution by a multi-level tooth set.

APPLICATION | 圓棒材/方柱/扁鋼板


douflex SPX
Special materials demand special band saw blades. We developed duoflex® SPX for high-alloy materials such as Hastelloy, Monel, Nimonic, and austenitic steels. The optimized tooth geometry equipped with a micro-resistant, stable cutting edge allows for precise and efficient sawing and long blade life.

HRC ≤ 49
APPLICATION | 厚壁管材/棒材/方柱/扁鐵/工字鋼